Quartzsite HOWA Events, etc.

I returned to Quartzsite to camp with the women’s caravan again and to attend the annual WRTR and RTR events hosted by the “Homes on Wheels Alliance” (HOWA).  I’ve not talked much, up to now, about the nomad life but I will now because these events brought me sort of “full circle”. 


The president of HOWA, Bob Wells, via his YouTube channel and website, introduced me to the nomad life many months ago.  After a long thought process and extensive research, and then a whole lot of decision-making and work, I came out on the road with a rig–a “home on wheels”–to explore our beautiful country.  I’ve wanted to travel the U.S. since I was a teenager, with a particular interest in national parks and other scenic destinations.  Because of this (plus a toxic workplace with some unethical, toxic co-workers) it was the right time to leave my current life and fulfill this dream.


The two RTR events, held every January, are the annual gatherings hosted by HOWA, which is a non-profit organization.  (RTR stands for “Rubber Tramp Rendezvous”; rubber meaning tires. WRTR is for women only).  They are held each year, for free, to teach nomads about various aspects of living on the road and to provide an opportunity for nomads to meet one another, in addition to other things.  My goal this year, among others, had been to attend these events that I’d been hearing about for so long.


HOWA, founded by Bob Wells and Suanne Carlson (Executive Director), states its purpose as: “… a charitable 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, that assists individuals with achieving sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency by focusing on providing safe and secure unconventional housing, and an economic safety net through a mobile lifestyle, to help get those in need back on their feet.”

I am not in economic need from HOWA but I support their efforts and have a healthy respect for Bob and Suanne and all they are doing to help so many people who do need assistance.

HOWA is extensively supported by Bob Wells’ YouTube channel and website called “Cheap RV Living”.  As I stated earlier, Bob and his organization are what brought me to the nomad life.


Please do not make the mistake of deciding that HOWA or CheapRVLiving is some kind of cult.  I’ve personally heard that more than once, and, frankly, it makes me angry.  First of all, HOWA is a completely transparent non-profit answerable to a board of trustees.  Anyone can read their annual reports online.  Watch their YouTube channel for yourselves.  As for CheapRVLiving, educate yourselves.  Do your own research.  Watch Bob’s YouTube videos which date back several years.  Read the website content.  Don’t just “blindly listen” to haters. In both cases, after you do your own research, you will simply be unable to deny these organizations are legitimate and their leaders, Bob and Suanne, are just very good people doing a very good work. 


I am not a weak-minded idiot.  I am not in–nor will I ever be in–a cult.  To suggest that’s what I’m doing is insulting and condescending.  I don’t blindly follow any human. While I admire Bob and strongly believe he has a good heart that does not mean I agree with everything he says. 


I’m off the soapbox, now.  I didn’t take many photos during the events – My reporting skills need work.  I was trying to soak it all in and learn as much as I could and just enjoy meeting people. These first photos are from the two days of the Women’s RTR.  (Click first photo for larger versions. Click “i” for full captions.  Also, click the “bubble” icon next to the “i” to make any comments on individual photos.)

2 thoughts on “Quartzsite HOWA Events, etc.”

  1. This looks so cool! What a great event; I love it when people get together simply because they want to meet others with similar interests and exchange helpful information. There will always be people who hate on groups, ideas, philosophies…. too bad for them, look what they’re missing out on!!

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    1. Yes. It *was* a great event! It just gets to me sometimes, the haters. Thus my rant. I may briefly vent but I’ve decided not to let them steal my joy for too long anymore. Brief vent then move on. : ) It was great meeting so many nice women who are pursuing the nomad lifestyle–including many who are just starting out like me. It was good to join the “sisterhood” and build community.


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