Hualapai Mountain Park Campground

After my poor campsite decision of the previous night, I used my app to find another nearby boondocking site and headed toward it. Yet another lesson learned – apps don’t always provide all needed information! As I neared the location, I soon found there was *no way* I could get my rig up the narrow, knife-edge mountain road I could see in the distance that was my route. Fortunately, just before this, I came to a short driveway (with a gate and a “loud” No Trespassing sign) in which I managed to turn around with no damage and no irate owner approaching with a shotgun. (Actually, I was a bit proud of myself since I am still learning how to maneuver my trailer in tight, awkward spots). Since this was my third strike with regard to campsites, I opted for a campground I had passed only a short distance back – Hualapai (pronounced WALL-uh-pie) Mountain Park Campground. When I checked in, they recommended a site in which I stayed the first night but later moved to a better site further away from the nearby, busy two-lane road. Overall, this turned out to be a good place that I recommend. Beautiful scenery and variety of sites from which to choose. Older but working flush-toilet bathrooms, large garbage cans, and available water. That’s about it, though. No showers or laundry. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how the signal was. To me, it was still worth it, however, because the facilities were well-kept, the people working there were nice and helpful and, my favorite part, adjacent hiking trails.

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