Havasu Fireworks Wait

We purposely arrived in Lake Havasu city a couple days early to find a spot for the fireworks. We ended up parking directly across Highway 95 from the Lake Havasu Speedway where the fireworks were being set off. This is “Arizona State Land” for which a $16 permit/parking pass is required. The good news about this permit is it can easily be acquired online and is good for the whole year. The bad news about this particular location is that everyone and their dog (and their razors and motorcycles) were there, too. I recommend a stay at the Lake Havasu area and the “Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show” but–I must be getting old–this camping location was too much for me. I may come for the fireworks again but I will not stay here. There is other state land just south and also BLM land nearby. I do highly recommend going into the actual venue and sitting in the grandstand at least one evening for the full pyrotechnics experience. It was simply phenomenal! First, some images from before the fireworks. (As usual, more info is in the photo captions.)

5 thoughts on “Havasu Fireworks Wait”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. The first year my daughters and I camped at a music festival, the evenings parties lasted well after 3am. The next year we went I got a permit for the “quiet” campground!!

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    1. Yeah, the razors and the dirt bikes were *constantly* driving right by us very often at high speeds – not only noisy but dangerous. They would fly by a couple feet from where I was standing. Would take very little for there to be a crash. The really stupid part was there was all kinds of trails to ride on just a couple hundred yards *behind* where all the rigs were. I’m truly shocked nothing bad happened. One guy that was camped long term near us warned some of them to slow down or there would be nails in their path the next time they came through. They were even roaring through at 11, 12 at night. (Oh, boy. I sound old & cranky, don’t I? Ha ha!)


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