Betty White

I was so sad to just hear of the passing of comedic heroine, Betty White. She was one of a kind. I am a fan from way back in the Mary Tyler Moore days. Only recently, I discovered the (now cancelled) Hot in Cleveland series, which I then watched start to finish. The funniest thing I’ve seen, however, are bloopers from Hot in Cleveland. If you want some belly laughs, look for those on YouTube. I’m so glad we have many shows by which to remember Betty. She will be sorely missed.

Here is an article from PBS:

2 thoughts on “Betty White”

  1. Thanks, Libby….I wish I had nosily walked up to the theater and peeked in all the windows!…Ha, ha. Yes, she was a real Rose. I use to love her banters with “Murry Slaughter” on the Mary Tyler Moore show. I have that series.


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