Dogtown Lake – Williams, AZ

Andy, whom I had met in Pahrump at the HOWA event, was one of my “consultants” the day the dust devil came to visit on Long Jim Loop. He graciously invited me to join him and his two campmates, Jerry & John, so they could help with my trailer door which was still not completely fixed. (I was able to leave one of the hinge screws loose so I could maneuver & lock the door from the outside but that was not ideal, of course. Also, the inside “RV lock” on the door wouldn’t work at all. I was able to use the extra inside security latch so I felt comfortable on the nights since the incident). Anyway, I went down to the Dogtown Lake area where the guys were camped and they jumped on the task (Well, after I made a scheduled trip to Flagstaff). The three of them put their heads–and elbow grease–together and fixed the problem. I appreciated that because you never know how much a shop will charge. (My pay to the guys: strawberry shortcake!) Thanks, guys!

BTW, Dogtown Lake is a nice area to camp and Williams, although small, has pretty much everything you need. It is a busy little place, though. It’s a big “Route 66” destination, so there are lots of touristy places and events. One example was a big car show while I was there of which I got to see a bit. Railroad attractions/history is a big thing there, too. I didn’t explore but I think it would be fun to do next time I’m there.

3 thoughts on “Dogtown Lake – Williams, AZ”

  1. Donnie and I visited Williams, AZ a few years ago while traveling Rt 66. We also “stood on the corner in Winslow, AZ in the rain. Stay safe. I’m enjoying traveling with you.

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