Goodbye, Joshua Tree

On the last day in the Park, I went on a hike which turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Initially, I intended to go to the “Lost Horse Mine” (2 mi) and come back the same way. Instead, once I got to the mine, I opted for the whole loop trail which almost turned out to be a big mistake. With my extensive hiking experience, I knew better, but I goofed – Not enough water. Normally, one might think 64oz is plenty but this *is* the desert. Everything turned out OK but it wasn’t my best decision.
More info in captions. Two videos below.

This is a 360 video from the peak above the Lost Horse Mine. It’s quite a view!
One thing I couldn’t seem to convey in my photos is the incredible quantity of Joshua Trees there are in JT Park. Thousands and thousands. It’s truly astonishing. I (carefully) took this video as I was driving out on my last day.

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