While staying in the Lake Mead area, Penny took me for a brief tour of Las Vegas. It was exciting to see but I felt like a fish out of water.

8 thoughts on “Vegas”

  1. Hey Jessica, So enjoy traveling with you vicariously. Love your photos and descriptions. Happy your adventure is going well. Stay safe. Miss seeing you at BC. Betty Jo

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  2. I’ve never been there! I hear you can get some spectacular food; many big name chefs have opened restaurants there. Great photos!

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    1. We didn’t eat out while there but I expect those restaurants would not fit in my new budget! I wouldn’t mind going back to see a show at some point – if it’s in the entertainment budget.


  3. We stayed a night in Vegas a few years ago when we had a trip to Arizona. Our friends wanted to travel Route 66, which we did. The Vegas trip was a little side trip before we started on 66. I saw enough of Vegas and don’t believe I’ll be going back. I enjoy your pictures.

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