In Town Flagstaff Stay

I decided to break up my drive to the Grand Canyon North Rim with a stop in Flagstaff. After three tries at known locations–and a fair bit of driving–I decided that all the nearby national forest was closed to camping due to fire concerns. So, this was one of my very few nights finding an overnight spot in “civilization” that wasn’t a campground. I can’t exactly call it “stealth” because, well, I can’t exactly get away with that while pulling a solar-covered cargo trailer. On this and previous Flagstaff visits, I had passed by a hospital/medical complex. This time, I had noticed an older Class A and even a unhitched cargo trailer in the parking lot, so I decided to give it a try for the night. I arrived after work hours and noticed the Class A even had a solar panel set up on the ground. I had no issues during my stay–even though I didn’t leave until after some employees started arriving for work the next morning.
Just a few photos from the secondary road I took to Flagstaff. More info in captions.

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