More from Lake Mead

In addition to time at Valley of Fire State Park, my two weeks in the Lake Mead area included explorations along Northshore Road and a very nice–well, “mostly” nice–stay at Stewart’s Point. Only “mostly” nice because my arrival was immediately met with my very first duststorm (sandstorm/Haboob).
I highly recommend a stay at Stewart’s Point. Views are beautiful. Lake access for the right vehicle or by foot. Quiet. The cleanest pit toilet I’ve ever seen. Dumpster just across Northshore Road. Other amenities at nearby Overton (~15mi). This was my most enjoyable camping spot to date. More info in captions.

I spoke with a local couple with their pre-teen son. The father told me when he was dating his (now ) wife, they would come to this restaurant at the end of the video and step out the back door to where the water was! It’s hard to get the perspective from the photos and video, but it was so sad to see “in person” how drought has affected the Lake.

Stunning Lake Mead area views at Stewart’s Point on a “puffy white” cloud day

Low lake levels

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