Beautiful Mittry Lake

Even though I knew I would soon be traveling right back, I left Lake Havasu to go to Mittry Lake near Yuma, AZ. Friends already camping there were convinced I would love it there – and they were right! Photo ops – mostly of several types of beautiful water birds – abounded. I was up early on a few mornings to take advantage of those. (I spent a good bit of time looking up the birds I didn’t know and identified most of the ones I photographed. I’d like to learn more about bird identification.) There was a fishing tournament one day while we were there, too, so apparently, the fishing’s good for humans, too.

I recommend a stay in that area during the winter. It was warm and the water was nice for a change in the desert. (Not that I recommend swimming although a couple of us got brave and took a “polar plunge” one day. I stayed in the water approximately 5 seconds. One of the guys camping with us let us borrow his kayak while we were there which I thoroughly enjoyed; still thinking about getting one of those) For those who want to stay a while, you may want to take note of which spots are for day use only and which are for overnight camping. There are also dumpsters and a pit toilet.

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A portion of Mittry Lake in the southwest corner of Arizona

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