Why “Samantha Gribley”?

When I was a child, I read the book “My Side of the Mountain” by Jean George. It’s about a pre-teen boy, “Sam Gribley”, who (amiably) leaves his family home to live in the woods on his own. This story always stuck with me, for some reason. Oddly, except for constantly playing outdoors and in all kinds of sports, I didn’t hike, camp, etc., growing up. My family was not into that (partially because we lived in the suburbs of a big city–at least during my growing-up years). But I’ve come to dearly love any time outside hiking, exploring, taking photographs, listening to music–or even driving.
As I was going through all my belongings in preparation for going on the road, I found the book and read it through again. In some respects, it mirrors the adventure I’ve chosen to undertake. So far, I’m enjoying “my side of the adventure” very much. (Hmm, maybe that’s what I should have called my blog).  [EDIT:  I *did* change the name]

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