Show Low, AZ, and Kayaking

I was kindly invited to spend some time at a friend’s property near Show Low, AZ. One day, my friend Bobbi invited me to go kayaking to the southeast of Show Low. It turned out to be an exceptionally beautiful day with a blue sky and puffy white clouds. After we kayaked, Bobbi gave me a driving tour of the area. This was eye-opening for me because I had no idea Arizona had any landscape like this. Also, “note to self”: Never go anywhere with Bobbi without my camera. We saw all this amazing scenery and I had only my phone with me (which does not take good photos). It all turned out OK, however, because I was so impressed with the area, it became my next camping spot.
(Added two videos at the bottom of the post).


Rabbit in camp. Came very close to me.


Horseshoe Cienega Lake

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