Fuel Cost Reality Check

[A commercial interruption to the Joshua Tree visit]

I save my fuel receipts and input the data into a spread sheet. Today, one day after my 4-month nomading anniversary, I was catching up on my spreadsheet and got a reality check. $250/month was my planned budget for fuel. However, as long as I keep traveling to parks and other scenic destinations–and the current fuel crisis continues–$250 is not going to cut it. By far.

I’ve paid well over $4.00 several times. I passed by $6.30 as I neared my current destination (I think they were jacking up prices) but was forced to stop for $5.49 because I was getting low. I average about 15 miles/gal pulling the trailer & about 24 w/o it.

Average has been about $420/month. Time to make some adjustments.

If you plan to come out on the road, take note!

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