Lake Havasu City – Craggy Wash

I decided to head to Lake Havasu City, AZ, where I hoped to have some work done on my hitch and to visit with some friends. I met and camped with them at the Craggy Wash BLM north of town and did indeed get the needed work done on my hitch. This first post, however, consists mostly of certain desert animal that I have been wanting to see.

As usual, more details are available in the captions of the photos.
(Click first photo for larger versions. Click “i” for full captions.  Also, click the “bubble” icon next to the “i” to make any comments on individual photos. If you enjoy any of these posts, please click “like” at the bottom of the post and/or comment. I love hearing from you! Thanks.)

8 thoughts on “Lake Havasu City – Craggy Wash”

  1. Wow! Love your mountain sheep photos! We last saw them on a bike ride in Colorado and were pretty excited as they were close to the trail. Stay safe.

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    1. It was exciting to see them. I believe these are “Desert Bighorn Sheep” which are a subspecies to “Bighorn Sheep” (according to Wikipedia). These are a bit smaller. I have a few more photos coming – As I said, I was excited! : )


  2. I really appreciate being able to enjoy your adventure through your photos. The landscape out west is so different. I love the big blue sky, as well as the creatures. Keep the photos coming and continue to enjoy.

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    1. I’m so glad, Debbie. It *is* so different – I say that all the time! I have been enjoying seeing and learning about the desert – and I would love to see it when it’s in bloom – but I admit I’m already ready to see *green* again! That’s not unusual, though. I’m always ready for spring long before it’s due (unless we have glorious snow!). I *do* enjoy the warmth of sun – I just want that *and* the green – I’m greedy.


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