South California Desert

My previous camping location in California was enjoyable in many ways. Mostly warm days but cool in the evenings. The desert wind was a new experience that was–let’s just say not always enjoyable! I had never been in the desert before, so there were many new things to see. I got a lot of hiking in.
(Click each photo for a larger version and to more easily read captions).

4 thoughts on “South California Desert”

    1. I don’t remember you telling me you lived in Egypt. When was that? I had the opportunity to go there in 2011. It was very interesting and enjoyable but I must say Cairo was…um…busy. I enjoyed the countryside, the Nile cruise, etc., much more. We flew out from Cairo the day before the revolution began that year. I don’t think we understood how serious it was until we returned to the states (although I’m sure our tour company was looking out for us while we were there).


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