Dixie NF/Bryce Canyon NP

It turned out that one of the couples that I met at the North Rim area, Bruce & Char, were going to the same area as I was after leaving the North Rim – Dixie National Forest in Utah. I asked if they would mind if I camped near them & they graciously agreed.
(My friend Penny had originally told me about this area and suggested it would be a good cool, high elevation place to stay while I visited nearby Bryce Canyon and Zion. She thought I would like the area, too, and she was absolutely right. Thanks, Penny!)
Bruce & Char found a nice spot on Strawberry Ridge Rd (FR239) with cell reception. I camped a stone’s throw down from them. At this spot, we were 33mi from Cedar City, 44mi from Bryce Canyon, and 43mi from Zion, so it’s a very nice central location. Temperatures were great (late July/early August). The road in was slightly rough but not too bad. There was a fair bit of traffic from razors, side-by-sides, etc., but I’ve seen much worse. No services but dumpsters at Navajo Lake are open to dispersed campers – 8mi away. Water, etc., is a bit tougher. A few amenities are probably available at Duck Creek Village but I’m guessing they are expensive. I arrived in the area all stocked up, and I also made a trip to Cedar City.

Please see photo captions for much more info.


This video shows the amazing size of the sheep herd. And…sound up.


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