Luna Gaia – Chambers, AZ

My friend Bobbi told me about an effort underway in Chambers, AZ, by a woman named Janet Douglas to establish a place for nomads to come and stay for a time, to contribute, to work, to create, and build community. The place is called Luna Gaia. Janet also started the “Nomads Helping Nomads Network”, a group that does what it says. You can find this group on Facebook. Please check it out. Janet is working hard to make Luna Gaia a reality but she could use help. I visited and volunteered my time mainly to help ready an RV that Janet was putting up for sale. There are several different types of help she could use. If you could contribute in some way, please consider doing so. Just contact Janet through “Nomads Helping Nomads Network” on Facebook (Be sure to include “Network” – There’s another group). I believe with all *my* heart that Janet has a good heart and is pursuing a good work here. She has lots of wonderful ideas. Again, please consider helping. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Luna Gaia – Chambers, AZ”

    1. Hi. I first got in touch with Janet via the “Nomads Helping Nomads Network” Facebook group. She also manages that group. When you search for it, be sure to add the word “Network” at the end. (There is a similar group). Message her and she should answer you back.
      You may also want to try messaging her through the “LunaGaia Nomadic Village” Facebook group.


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