Lake Havasu City Furnace

After receiving a recommendation from another shop for a transmission mechanic, I decided to go to (hot) Lake Havasu City to have the work done on my Honda that had not happened in Clovis. When I arrived, I decided to drop my trailer at the Craggy Wash (which had few campers) and go on in to the mechanic to see if parts needed to be ordered (I had previously called them). It turned out they were able to do the work that same day. They gave me a ride to the gym where I had already planned to go and then I walked to the nearby library until the work was completed. The gentlemen who did the work were very nice and even stayed late to get it done. I was not as impressed with the boss, who I think overcharged me. He was the typical condescending-toward-women type. Anyway, the work got done (transmission cooler installation & malfunctioning sensor cleaning). After more errands, I eventually returned to my rig which was unbearably hot. In fact, it was still 90 degrees inside at 10:30pm. Although I was waiting on some Amazon packages to arrive, it was not a difficult decision to leave the next morning for nearby higher ground and cooler temps.
These particular photos are from the road. Too hot in Lk Havasu for photography.

Dust Devil – They pack a punch. More on this later.

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