Clovis, California

While I was up at Sequoia and Kings Canyon parks, my Honda started giving me some warning messages, so I made an appointment at the nearest dealership in Clovis, CA, just outside Fresno. (I don’t usually go to a dealership for repairs but I had some warranty left. Ultimately, however, I was starkley reminded why it is not my habit to waste my time with dealerships).

Otherwise, my time at Clovis was extremely positive and I highly recommend a visit. Penny was kind enough to meet me there to give me a ride while my vehicle was in the shop, make sure I got there w/o breaking down, etc.

The first nice thing that happened was at the Chamber of Commerce where we went for info upon arriving in town. The woman there told us of a possible free place to park right in town. I think she was also the first one to tell us this was “rodeo week” in Clovis. We drove to the nearby area she told us about and talked further with some locals we saw outside a bar, including the owner, who gave us more info on parking and the rodeo. Ultimately, we went to a parking area adjacent to the rodeo grounds and saw a sign that said permits were required. We walked over to the rodeo entrance where a man was spraying weeds near a magnificent statue of a cowboy riding a bull. That cowboy was World Champion Lane Frost and the bull, World Champion Bucking Bull Red Rock. The movie “8 Seconds” was about Lane Frost. The incription is included in my photos. The man, who was also very nice, directed us to the police station for a parking permit after telling us about the statue and more about the rodeo.

Next, we headed down the street to the police station and met Corporal Chris Hutchison who after reading us the riot act about behaving well (apparently, there had been trouble in previous years), he gave us the very last spot in the permit parking lot! And, there was still no charge. This was a relief to me since I knew I had a large repair bill coming. Thanks, Corporal Hutchison!

Since I’m so behind on my blog, I’m a little fuzzy on the sequence of events, but at some point Penny saw there was a blood drive in conjunction with the rodeo and off we went. I’m not sure what happened but I ended up losing a pint while Penny went and enjoyed some snacks & visiting with some nice locals. (She couldn’t give because she had recently taken an antibiotic. Personally, I think it was all a trick just to get me to give! LOL. JK, Penny.)

We took advantage of the coupons from the blood drive and went to “Cool Hand Luke’s Steakhouse/Saloon” for dinner one night. I wish I could recommend it–and I can on everything except my steak. It was not a good cut of meat and it was very expensive. The service and all the other food was great, so if you decide to go, I advise avoiding the filet. (Spending this much on a meal was very unusual for me so this was disappointing. I was celebrating the sale of my house.)

One of the Clovis parks was a frequent destination for me. It had a dumpster and green grass! A treat after all winter and part of the spring in the desert. Another bonus is it had a small botanical garden which I enjoyed more than once. Very pretty.

Friday night and Saturday morning were unexpected highights. We were able to get tickets for Friday night’s rodeo. It was my first, and it was great. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed (So disappointing!) but I got some shots with my phone. Saturday morning was the rodeo parade. A parade with a plethera of horses – What could be better?! There were also lots of fun vehicles, marching bands, and lots of other entries. I loved LOVED this.

Oh, did I forget about my car repair? Let’s just say I wish I could forget about that part. It’s a long story but I did not get my repairs made–and I will not be returning to Clovis North Honda for anything in the future.

But, again, aside from this particular Honda dealership and the filet mignon at Coolhand Luke’s, I highly recommend a visit to Clovis. From the Chamber of Commerce help to the Police Department Corporal to the helpful Walmart greeter to the guy in the small engine repair shop next to where we were parked who fixed my broken hitch chain at no charge to the people who we parked next to who invited me for meals to the nice couple who sat behind us at the rodeo, etc., etc.–everyone was extra nice. I noticed it again and again during my visit.

Thank you, Clovis. (Some videos coming later).

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  1. Boo to crummy filet mignon and extra boos to the dealership!
    I enjoy reading about your adventures! thank you for sharing them with us! ❤

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