Kings Canyon/Sequoia NP Videos

Several videos from the Parks. Captions have more info.

Along the road in the agricultural area – Migraine anyone?
Snow lightly falling through an opening in a fallen sequoia
Dark skies and snow at the General Grant Grove
Up, up we pan
Squishy bark
“The House”
Ella Waterfall
__ Waterfall
Deer at the General Grant Grove

Kings Canyon/Sequoia NPs

This was definitely a bucket list item. What nature lover doesn’t want to see the largest trees on the face of the earth? This one certainly did. And they did not disappoint. It did turn out to be a bit early to visit these Parks (mid-April) – Many roads were still closed. It was quite cold at night, too (low 20s). So, you may want to note this if you plan an April trip.
First, as usual, a few “on-the-way” shots from Pahrump into CA. Then, trees, trees, and more trees–big ones. And, as usual, more info in the photo captions.

BYOV at Pahrump, NV

What is BYOV? “Bring Your Own Vehicle”, an event created by “Homes on Wheels Alliance” to give selected applicants help with their rigs (homes on wheels) in the form of free materials and free labor. Work included new floors, ceilings, fans, solar, etc. I volunteered as part of the support staff. I can’t share any photos of the builds, so these are just a few shots from around camp and town, including a few oddities, as usual. : )
EDIT: I should have mentioned that “camp” was where (most of) the volunteers camped together. For me, this was a highlight of the experience. I had the opportunity to meet and get to know some really good people–and have a lot of fun. I haven’t laughed that much in a while.

More from Lake Mead

In addition to time at Valley of Fire State Park, my two weeks in the Lake Mead area included explorations along Northshore Road and a very nice–well, “mostly” nice–stay at Stewart’s Point. Only “mostly” nice because my arrival was immediately met with my very first duststorm (sandstorm/Haboob).
I highly recommend a stay at Stewart’s Point. Views are beautiful. Lake access for the right vehicle or by foot. Quiet. The cleanest pit toilet I’ve ever seen. Dumpster just across Northshore Road. Other amenities at nearby Overton (~15mi). This was my most enjoyable camping spot to date. More info in captions.

I spoke with a local couple with their pre-teen son. The father told me when he was dating his (now ) wife, they would come to this restaurant at the end of the video and step out the back door to where the water was! It’s hard to get the perspective from the photos and video, but it was so sad to see “in person” how drought has affected the Lake.

Stunning Lake Mead area views at Stewart’s Point on a “puffy white” cloud day

Low lake levels

Valley of Fire State Park

A photo from Valley of Fire State Park (NV) in a Facebook group caught my attention almost a year ago. I wanted to see where that photo was taken (and maybe try to recreate it). I was able to do that to some extent, but there is so much more to this Park. I highly recommend a visit. It’s next door to Lake Mead and has first come-first serve camping with bathhouses in a unique setting. The only disadvantage is a poor signal.

It was here I had what I probably consider my most exciting wildlife encounter to date. In addition to the photos, videos are at the end of the post re the encounter (plus one of many beautiful views). As usual, more info in captions.

Tell me what you think of this park. I’d love to hear from you.


While staying in the Lake Mead area, Penny took me for a brief tour of Las Vegas. It was exciting to see but I felt like a fish out of water.

Memorial Day

I am thankful this memorial day for those who made the ultimate sacrifice so I could have freedom – including the freedom to travel and enjoy this great country.
The helicopter photo is in memory of my dad who served in the United States Army for 22 1/2 years as an officer and aviator.

Freedom does not come free.

Stop Over

One of the best things about nomad life is meeting nice, like-minded people. And the thing that makes this even better is, in all likelihood, you will get to see these nice, like-minded people over and over again, if you both want to. : ) (1) Communication between parties that each is welcome to camp with the other, (2) an exchange of contact information, and (3) keeping in touch, are all that’s required. Lots of texting is usually involved. That’s what happened with my friends Rob & Viki whom I had met in Tucson. When I left there, I needed an easy & brief stopover in Quartzsite and I knew they were there. We made contact and had a nice visit. See you down the road, Rob & Viki!

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