Yellowstone – The Lifelong Dream

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As with many Americans, seeing Yellowstone was a lifelong dream. Because of this, I took my time for my first visit. Altogether, I was in the area for about two weeks. I camped just outside two different Park gates. Unfortunately, my visit coincided with partial closures due to the horrific June 2022 flooding.

Golden Gate Canyon SP & St. Louis Cardinals vs Colorado Rockies

I know this post won’t interest as many people because it’s mostly about my Cardinals but there are also a few photos from the beautiful state of Colorado.
The reason it was a big deal for me to see the Cardinals this season is because two greats are retiring – long-time Cardinal, Catcher Yadier Molina, and returning Cardinal, Slugger Albert Pujols. We now know the Cards will be in the post-season which is nice considering the retirement of these players. I hope they/we go out with a bang and a banner!