New Arizona Digs

My next move took me to sort of the “Mecca” of nomads and RVers, Quartzsite, AZ. I’ve been hearing about this little town for many months and, indeed, I saw more “homes on wheels” in a few days’ time than I’ve seen in all the years of my life put together.
I camped with an organized caravan, as I had previously done, but did my usual exploring.
(Again, I recommend clicking the first photo in the upper left and then using the arrows to click through the slideshow. Caption available–for most–at the bottom. Click “i”, if needed)

6 thoughts on “New Arizona Digs”

  1. As usual, your pictures are beautiful. So glad that you are meeting up with caravans, just be careful. “T” from NBATC said that he would like to see your blogs. Hopefully you will be hearing from him. Stay safe.

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    1. No. (I wish!) That’s a plane or helicopter. When you look at it closer, you can see it’s a dotted line, so you know it’s from a blinking light.
      (But now that you mention it, when I was taking some star shots a few evenings ago, I actually had the shutter open taking a long exposure and I saw one of the prettiest, longest streak of a shooting star I guess I had ever seen. It lasted maybe 3 -4 seconds! And it had a greenish head on it. It was AMAZING! Unfortunately, I was truly so amazed I didn’t have the presence of mind to move the camera (it was pointed in another direction). Typically, you can’t catch one because they’re gone so quickly, but I might have had a chance with this one — especially since I was already focused and ready for stars. Of course, I had no idea it was going to last so long. Oh, well. It was really special to see. I figure with how much time I’m spending on night photography, I’m bound to catch one–or more–eventually.)


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